Falling for this Season

So it has been a hot minute since I have posted something and I apologize for the absence. I have since started school and began working at my new job and I am loving it! I’m drowning in homework and my bed has become my best friend, but hey I shouldn’t be complaining.

Fall is here friends! I have to admit, it’s not my most favorite season but it’s not my least favorite either. Yes, I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Pumpkin Spice Lattes but it reminds me that Winter is around the corner. Summer. I absolutely love Summer. Winter. I have a hate-love relationship with Winter. The only thing I like about it is Christmas and New Years and then I am begging for it to be Spring…because that means it’s almost Summer.

My title could be seen as a silly reference to Fall and it partly is, but I picked it because of the season of my life I am going through right now. Being content. Knowing that you are enough and God is enough and that should be it. It is only then when God opens up all he has for you, no matter what that is. Following him and giving your heart to him daily. Surrounding yourself with people who love and follow Him too…it’s so significant.

Does that mean we should follow God for ourselves? No. Humble your heart and pray for God to change it. Change it to a selflessly loving heart. Being honest with God and yourself, saying, “I know I fall short, I know I am selfish, please help me change that.” Asking for God to help you see and help the world through His eyes.

If you are going through a rough patch and feel lonely, you are never alone my friend! God loves you. The more you open your heart up to Him, the more you will find yourself thirsty for the Lord. Wanting to incorporate Him into every aspect of your life because He is just that amazing!

God Bless you guys and Happy Fall!


Sunday Post

Currently, I am drinking my ice tea while trying to cure a headache. Anyone who is prone to headaches understands that the quicker they dissipate…the better. I am also sitting here, typing on my computer and hoping something inspiring will pop into my head. Every once in a while I think too hard and I just need to walk away for a bit. You can’t force yourself into an idea sometimes. It normally finds you itself. That’s when it is usually really something inspiring.

I’ve always been a good writer but recently I’ve gotten caught up in life and forgotten the things that used to make me happy. I used to paint. I used to write all the time. Poetry, letters or in a journal with my sporadic and un-organized thoughts. I cannot tell you how many times in the past, when I was stressed, that I turned to my notebook and started writing. I have old sketchbooks that I don’t even use anymore. I was really good.

Sometimes life can make us forget who we are. The things we love doing. The gifts that God gave us. If I was more disciplined on the piano, I most likely would have been even better than my intermediate playing now. I think about that all the time because I love the piano. I am drawn to it. I see a piano, any piano, and every bone in my body wants to run over and start playing it. The beauty is, is that there is time.

God has blessed us with gifts. Things we are drawn to and have a passion for. Why not put some focus on those things and see where they take you. God gave you a passion for business, go for it. God gave you a passion for music, go for it. Follow our passions, our god given gifts and live a life for God. If God does not want you to go down one door, he will shut it. God will create opportunities for you. He will not forsake his children who love and follow him.

Align your life with the goodness of God’s word. The truth he has for our lives and the love he has for us. Trust him in all circumstances. Even if you feel weak or unable to trust, pray that he will give you the strength to trust him. I constantly have to ask the Lord over and over again to forgive me for faltering in my trust. To forgive me for the mistakes I have made and remove my guilt. Then I give him my whole heart all over again and ask him for peace. It’s a daily struggle but it is a beautiful one because I know that I have a mighty and gracious father in the sky rooting for me.

Get out there, love the Lord and love others. Share your gifts with the world and have faith. The Lord is with you.


Stream of Consciousness

Here is a list of 50 thoughts and things that made me happy throughout today. I’ll add as the day goes on and post tonight. You would be surprised how easily amused I am and how random my brain is. I thought this would be fun! 🙂

1.) My bed is the comfiest thing on this planet.

2.) My dog’s face that looks like a bear.

3.) The sun hitting my face when I walked outside for the first time today.

4.) The fact that God woke me up today!

5.) Realizing I had leftover pizza in the fridge.

6.) Playing hide and seek with my dog.

7.) My dog’s bear face again.

8.) Eating the pizza.

9.) An Allstate commercial that made me laugh.

10.) My best friend texting and encouraging me!

11.) Watching Fixer Upper.

12.) Hearing all the little kids laugh and play in the pool.

13.) Wearing my favorite tank top.

14.) Finally updating my drivers license so I can legally start riding motorcycles (plus the correct address is always good..)

15.) Wrote a letter to someone I love.

16.) Jammin unashamed, foolishly and loudly to Newsboys in my car.

17.) Reading my Jesus Calling for today.

18.) The thought of going to church on Sunday.

19.) Buying a ticket to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in Concert.

20.) Then remembering about going to see Skillet and Britt Nicole at the Air1 concert with my best friend in September.

21.) Making a list of ideas for my Etsy store.

22.) All the hydrangeas in my apartment complex.

23.) The smell of the wood bridge in my apartment complex.

24.) How excited my dog was when I came home.

25.) Opening my windows in my apartment and listening to the birds.

26.) Listening and dancing around in my apartment to KLove radio.

27.) Cleaning my apartment.

28.) Watering the plants outside on my porch.

29.) Decorating the porch.

30.) Watching my dog lay in the sun.

31.) Taking pictures with my camera.

32.) Putting comfy clothes on.

33.) Doing some bible studies.

34.) Watching Fixer Upper again.

35.) Drinking ice cold sweet tea.

36.) The lights shining through the blinds.

37.) Re-arranging my room.

38.) Organizing my room.

39.) Laughing at my own joke.

40.) Lighting my candles.

41.) Daydreaming.

42.) Contemplating buying my own fixer upper one day.

43.) Watching my favortie movies.

44.) Taking a nice bubble bath.

45.) Cuddling with my dog.

46.) My favorite commercial coming on and laughing so hard.

47.) Eating more pizza…(what can I say, food makes me happy)

48.) Thinking about the commerical again and chuckling.

49.) Getting comfy in bed.

50.) Finishing this post for you guys.

This was such a fun little project for me to do. I would recommend doing this just for fun every once in a while because it was an easy way to stay positive and do things I love to inspire my happiness! Set a goal and try to meet it! ♥