Website Debut!

Once again it has been a while! The second half of the school semester is always the busiest! I have good news though! Yes yes, school is going good, but I started my own Mary Kay business!

I’ve never liked being that kind of person blowing up everyone’s messenger asking, “Hey hey! Guess what??” And I still don’t like to operate that way. I still have to put myself out there and send those messages every once in a while, because how else would the people I’m FB friends with know about it! But I love to advertise with decorative posts and doing the behind the scenes stuff! Advertising, ordering, decorating packages and sending products on their merry little way! This is such an excited thing and it’s so helpful with me going to school. Especially the fact I can make my own schedule. Full time student here! HAHA

Here is the wonderful sale! On my personal Mary Kay webpage, I have a 5% discount on $25+ orders. AND Free Shipping on $25+ orders! This sale only lasts until December 1st! Time to get on that Holiday Shopping! 

That being said, I love learning about our products, I have become so interested and intrigued by the different things Mary Kay offers that truly and honestly work amazingly! I literally bought a whole crap ton of stuff for myself just because I love the products so much.

This is how I view running my business. Money is obviously involved, but it’s not my top priority. I get so excited sharing the products with other people and seeing their reactions or hearing their comments. Other people’s happiness has always been one of my priorities. I’ve always been the person to care so much about other people. That is what I want the most, happy customers.

Check out the site! I would greatly appreciate it and I am so excited to share my business with you guys!


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