So it has been a hot minute since I have posted something and I apologize for the absence. I have since started school and began working at my new job and I am loving it! I’m drowning in homework and my bed has become my best friend, but hey I shouldn’t be complaining.

Fall is here friends! I have to admit, it’s not my most favorite season but it’s not my least favorite either. Yes, I love Halloween, Thanksgiving and Pumpkin Spice Lattes but it reminds me that Winter is around the corner. Summer. I absolutely love Summer. Winter. I have a hate-love relationship with Winter. The only thing I like about it is Christmas and New Years and then I am begging for it to be Spring…because that means it’s almost Summer.

My title could be seen as a silly reference to Fall and it partly is, but I picked it because of the season of my life I am going through right now. Being content. Knowing that you are enough and God is enough and that should be it. It is only then when God opens up all he has for you, no matter what that is. Following him and giving your heart to him daily. Surrounding yourself with people who love and follow Him too…it’s so significant.

Does that mean we should follow God for ourselves? No. Humble your heart and pray for God to change it. Change it to a selflessly loving heart. Being honest with God and yourself, saying, “I know I fall short, I know I am selfish, please help me change that.” Asking for God to help you see and help the world through His eyes.

If you are going through a rough patch and feel lonely, you are never alone my friend! God loves you. The more you open your heart up to Him, the more you will find yourself thirsty for the Lord. Wanting to incorporate Him into every aspect of your life because He is just that amazing!

God Bless you guys and Happy Fall!


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